Friday, 20 May 2011

Tips please ?!?! - More Funky French Tips

Hi again :-)

I just wanted to share a quick French Tip mani I did last night before bed. Tips in whatever colour (and shape lol) are my "go to mani" when I don't have the time or patience for anything else. I generally love french tips a lot and its almost a compulsion to tip nearly all of my manis. Hmmm, maybe its a phase !!!

I had wanted to play with this colour combo for a while, for some reason I really like blue and brown together, strange uhhh?
The blue glitter polish was meant to be another tip on top of the brown tip (so 2 french tips if you know what I mean) but when I applied it to my thumb it got a bit messy so I decided to just apply it over the whole brown tip :-)

Can you see the tip on my ring finger isn't crisp? Lol. It got a bit messy with the scotch tape :-(

I have only been wearing this for about 24 hrs but I can tell that its one of those that would last on my fingers for a good week or more. The glitter in the tip obviously helps prolongation. I tried to take off the polish on my thumb and although the blue polish came off easily, the tip took me like 15 !!!

Products used:
* Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream
* L'oreal Ceramide Resist - (sorry, I've had this polish for so long that the label with the colour has completely rubbed off, but its number 304)
* Nail Art Pen & Brush - Light blue glitter

Bye for now :-)
xoxo Pin It

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