Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bug Nails: Blinged Up Ladybird

Good morning all

Yesterday, my cat Eggbert was playing with a ladybird on our balcony. He was just staring  at  it and trying to smell it...Lol !!!

So, as I had seen quite a few posts from other bloggers on ladybirds, I decided to give it ago. Although I did give Miss Ladybird a bit of a rhinestone and glitter makeover...ooppss !!! Look at her beady little eyes...

Products used:
- Barry M Nail Paint - Black
- Risque - Carmim
- Nail Star Nail Art Brush - Black and Silver Glitter & Rhinestones for the beady eyes :-)

The Ladybird Eggbert was playing with was actually orange in colour so next time I think I'm going to do multi coloured ladybird.

And here is my little boy latter on, looking at what mummy is doing. He loves sitting there and just staring !!!

I love bugs on nails. If you guys have any bugs that you have done, post them up. I would live to see them.

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