Sunday, 29 May 2011

Juicy Watermelons!!!

Good afternoon dear followers :-)

Hope you are all having a great Sunday. It's a bank holiday here tomorrow so I get 3 days off work - yay :-)

So, the other day I showed you my lemony-lime mani as part of my Summer Fruits Collection (I just made that "collection" name up by the way, lol, but I like it...sounds legit!!!) and I told you I had another one to show you which I did a while back - Watermelons!!

Here is what I used:

*Base colour: 2True Shade no7 Rose Pink
*Vital Make-Up: Shade no19
*Male Up Academy: Shade no13
*Rimmel London - 60 Seconds Collection:Black Out
* Nail Art Brush - White

(The above polishes area all available is Boots or Superdrug, these are drugstores in the UK)

That's it for today...Happy polishing :-)

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  1. Really pretty, well done :)

  2. yummy, looks good to eat. hehe ^_^
    so cute! i need to try this sometime <3

  3. I love the shades you chose for this!

  4. mmmm looks yummy!! You picked out perfect colors for this. It really looks like watermelon

  5. Glad you guys liked it. More fruitilicious manis to follow :-)

  6. So cute! (Just followed you - now at 50!)

  7. So cute! I've been thinking about doing a watermelon lately. I love the colors you chose for yours. :)

  8. This is really cute! And it's different than all the other watermelon designs :) And to reply on your comment on my blog:

    Yes, with the multiple lightning bolt I just repeat the steps in the tutorial for the regular bolt. But I am planning to make an individual tutorial for the multiple version (with pics) because it'd be more helpful than my explanation in words :P


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