Monday, 2 May 2011

Golden Jaguar Print Nail Foil Transfers

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Today I wanted to show you my Jaguar golden print foil nails which I've had for 2 weeks but hand't had a chance to try. They are transfers, so a little different to CND's Minx, however they are much cheaper than Minx.

I found these on YouTube. "ilovemylongnails" has really great videos on how to apply these but it took me a few tries to get it right. Application is quite easy, the hardest part is getting the transfer foil adhesive to reach the right "stickey point". It can't be too wet or too dry, otherwise the transfer won't stay in place.

There are really good tips and tricks on

This is how application of foils worked for me:

-  Manicure your hands as usual - base coat, 2 coats of polish (I used 1 coat  of Essie Licorice because the foil gives a lot of coverage. I didin't apply top coat as I rather put 2 coats of top coat over the applied foil. Polish must be completely dry before applying foil).

- Apply a VERY THIN layer of transfer foil adhesive making sure you cover the entire nail. It cannot be gloopy at all.

- Let it DRY COMPLETELY. This is the hard part. Most articles I read said to leave it for 2 minutes but mine took between 3-4 minutes to dry. I used a hair dryer as my lamp is broken. You will know the adhesive is dry as it turn from bluish/ lavender in colour to transparent.

- When the adhesive is transparent, place the foil over the nail and "smooth" it into the nail at first with your fingers and then by pressing all the corners in with a wood stick. I read that you should always apply firm strokes in the same direction but I sometimes didn't and the foil still transfered.

- If your adhesive was at the correct wet/ dry point, you will see that the clear backing starts to separate. Once it is all smoothed down, then remove the clear backing.

- Seal it with a foil sealer (I used the same brand as the adhesive, both Special FX Nail Art). If you don't have foil sealer, you can also use a regular top coat although I'm not sure if this would work as well. Give it a go and let me know if it works for you.

The pattern on each finger will always look different if you are using a foil that is not pre-cut and comes in a roll but I suppose this adds to the beauty of it as no leopard or jaguar in the wild ever has the same spots right? 

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