Sunday, 1 May 2011

Nail Photo shoot 1 - Polka Dots & Rhinestone Black French Tips

Good morning all

Yesterday I joined forces with my cousin who is a make-up artist and a photographer. We used eyes/ nails or lips/ nails for the photo combos.

The model had very short nails so I had to use nail extensions on her (sorry some may look wonky but she had very small fingers and I only had certain sizes extensions).

I decided on 2 different looks. Polka dots (because I don't do enough of those) with a girly pink and blue barbie doll feeling and an edgy black/metallic with coloured rhinestones. The make-up and accessories we applied according to the nail polish colours.

Here are pictures of the hands only:

Products used:

- Jessica - Samba Parade (and I mixed in a few drops of CND Colour Raspberry parfait #519 to customise the colour. Don't worry, no polishes were harmed in this process).

- Barry M - Blueberry Ice Cream

- 17 Lasting Polish - Mini Skirt

I know most people change the design of the ring finger but on this one I decided to change the design of the middle finger !!!

Here is the photo after wardrobe and make-up was applied:

(please note that photoshop was only used on face skin and make-up, not on the nails)
  On the model's other hand I applied Metallic with black tips and a shatter effect on the ring finger:

I thought it looked a bit plain, so I added multi coloured rhinestones along the french tip line and vertically on the ring finger:

Products used:

- Barry M Nail Paint - Silver #288
- Barry M Instant Nail Effects - Black #311
- Rimmel London 60 seconds - Blackout #800

Here are the photos after wardrobe and make-up were applied:

Hope you guys enjoyed the photo shoot.

If you have any requests for a glossy photo shoot, please e-mail me -

xoxo Pin It

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