Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Star Nails - Funky French Tips

Hi everyone. Today I wanted to show you a mani that I actually did a couple of days ago but didn't have time to post. I was just playing around with colour combos when I came across a post by Emerald Sparkled
in which she used yellow and purple. I thought the colours looked funky together :-)

I used a pastel yellow (Barry M Lemon Ice cream) as opposed to a more vivid bright (sorry, camera was playing up):
Then I stamped with BM21 and the stamping polish I used was OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. The purple didn't come out as accentuated as I wanted it to...oh well !!!

I didn't want to leave it at the BM stamp so I decided to add some sort of funky French Tips (if you can call them that)...they are Lincoln Park After Dark polish with yellow glitter on top. Hmmm... not quite sure what to make of "V" shaped tips !!!

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