Saturday, 22 October 2011

Tutorial: Colourful Rays of Light

I had a request on FB and a couple on here asking me to do a tutorial for the Colourful Rays of Light mani I did a few days ago. It's basically using striping tape over a base colour to create thin lines showing through a darker colour! Here is a very simple and easy tutorial on how to achieve that in 4 steps. I'm no good at explaining things so bear with me :)

Step 1:
After prepping you nail, paint 3 stripes of any colours you like. They don't have to be perfectly straight as you will be covering it later.
You can also just use 1 base colour on the whole nail if you prefer.

Step 2: After your base colour(s) is dry, lay down your striping tape in any direction you would like the final pattern to look. (I bought my striping tape on ebay, 6 rods of various colours for £1.89). You can also use regular scotch tape but I prefer striping tape as I'm too lazy to sit there and cut lots of very thin strips.

Step 3: Apply your second coat of colour all over your nail and the striping tape. 

Step 4: Remove the striping tape, one piece at a time whilst your polish is still wet and you're done!
If any of you guys decide to give this mani a go, I would love to see what you create :)
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  1. so pretty, the vibrant base shows up well x

  2. Great tutorial, thank you so much! I need some of that tape! :)

  3. What an awesome tutorial! Love the design!

  4. So easy and so beautiful :) thanks for sharing!
    Now i just need to buy some of that tape...


  5. Thanks for the tutorial - just gotta go and get me some striping tape too!!

  6. Great tutorial! I like the way it looks, but I don't have enough patience for any kind of nail art anymore. =D

  7. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial! Going to try this out for sure! ♥

  8. That's great, thanks for this tutorial. I looks simple enough to be doable for even me.^^
    But I'm a little sceptic about that "remove striping tape while polish is still wet" - does this really work without being extremely careful? I would fear it could smudge.

  9. @ egokonsumkosmos - it definitely works. The polish always has to be wet in tape manis when you remove the tape. That way you get a crisp straight line. If you let the polish dry, it will crack and tear when you try to pull the tape! Try different types of tape to see which one works for you!

  10. Thanks for this really great tutorial! I really liked the idea and I tried it out for a mani on this mani challenge I did, it's here on and I linked it back to you. Thanks once again!

  11. Thanks for the tip, I already experienced this today when recreating another design of you. I'll need to buy striping tape because I really love this design. (And I like it best the way you presented it here - three diagonal stripes.)

  12. Thank you....So this is how to do it.....This one I can do I guess. Keep posting great nail stories.

  13. Hi. I did this mani a copule a days ago but i didn´t know where I got the inspiration from. (Reading far too many bloggs;)) Now I know where it came from, it was you!:)

    You wrote that you wanted to see what others created from this so here is a link to my blogg:
    It´s in swedish but the pictures are universal;)

  14. This is so pretty. I would love to try this and if i do i will post it on my blog :) Please could you check out my blog? Your blog is AMAZING <3

  15. Hi, I raelly enjoyes this tutorial, very cool and easy!
    I share it on, so other girls could enjoy it too.
    Thank you so much :)


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