Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Outfit of the day - Playsuit

Tonight I'm  going out for diner with my mum. I don't get to see her that often. It's a low key and informal restaurant so I am wearing a playsuit which I bought in Primark a few months ago but never actually got around to wearing it.

I had to wear tights because the weather isn't warm enough today for me to bare my legs! I teamed it with black brogues although it would have looked much better with a heeled ankle boot but I had a lot of walking to do! The playsuit already has quite a heavy pattern going on and I didn't want to overload it with accessories so I jut wore a large black bead necklace!

The bag is Swedish hand sewn leather. I bought it at a vintage market about 5 years ago and absolutely love it. I wear it with almost everything.

Make-up wise, I just wore a shimmery eye, peachy blush and peach tinted lips:

I only own 2 playsuits. I love how comfortable playsuits are but because the prettiest ones tend to be made of quite thin fabrics, I get cold if I wear them in the winter!  Do you own any playsuits, do you like/ dislike them? Pin It


  1. What's a playsuit? Is that the UK term for a romper? If so, no I don't own any... I look too stumpy in them :(

  2. I don't know what it is either. If it is a romper then I have 2 :P I think this sort of post is really fun! :) I was just sitting and thinking about what I'm going to wear today.

  3. Yes. A playsuit is the same as a romper :)

  4. Once again, you really have goog taste and are gorgeous. I love your outfit!


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