Thursday, 20 October 2011

17 Magnetized Green

Remember the post I did on the Nails Inc Magnetic Polish? Well, I was wondering when drugstore brands would embrace the trend and start creating some affordable magnetic polishes. I know a lot of people aren't into the magnetic trend but I have to say I'm really liking it right now! It's an extremely easy way to have something cool on your nails without spending too much time on them!

Boots have now launched the 17 Magnetized polishes. They come in 4 colours (Gun Metal, Lilac, Blue and Green) and retail for £5.99 (although they are £1.00 off at the moment). They are also exactly the same as the Nails Inc Magnetic polishes, from the bottle to the formula.

I wasn't expecting the quality of this polish to be as good as the Nails Inc ones but was I wrong! The formula is very pigmented so it will cover well in just one coat although I always apply a base polish so I don't use too much of the magnetic one. The effects it creates are almost like 3D which isn't the case with all magnetic polishes, it's got a lot of depth and dimension to it.

The magnet on the cap also has that little curved rest for fail proof application, what a genius idea! I'm so clumsy that if I had to hold a magnet as close as I could to wet polish, I would most definitely mess it up!

What do you guys think of the magnetic polish trend? Better or worse than shatter/ crackle?

First picture has a top coat, other 2 pics have no top coat:

Here is a pic of the bottle with the detachable cap:
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  1. Looks gorgeous I'm so tempted myself!

  2. gorgeous colour, how much was it? :)

  3. @ER-Nails- They are usually £5.99 but Boots are doing them for £4.99 at the moment!

  4. this is looking cool. like the color!

  5. I really do love the way this looks! Might be purchasing the green one tomorrow :-)

  6. Wow, this one is gorgeous! I haven't tried any of the magnetic polishes yet but will surely pick some up now. I saw that Essence also has some nice ones. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I can't pick between crackle and magnetic effect, I really can't. This one looks amazing, very visible, in-your-face effect. I love it!

  8. This is super pretty! I think magnetic polishes seems like a lot of fun!


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