Monday, 24 October 2011

Golden Nightmare - Kleancolor

I swatched this polish a couple of weeks ago and was really excited about it until I saw quite a long vertical crack on the side of the lid! I knew this would mean the polish would most probably be quite thick and gooey but that was nothing a bit of thinner couldn't resolve. I then opened the bottle and oh no! The brush was a mess!!! Generally, I very much like Kleancolor brushes but the bristles on this one were all over the place! Needless to say it was a nightmare to control the polish on the brush and to even keep on the nail plate. Lets just say I had a lot of clean up afterwards! I will have to decant it when I get an empty bottle.

Anyways, onto the polish. Golden Nightmare is a black creme packed with golden glitter (depending on the lighting, it can also have an olive tinge). The glitter really comes alive in direct sunlight but gets somewhat "lost" in the black when indoors!
You know those polishes that are supposed to be a 1-coater but we end up applying 2? Well, this one is truly a 1-coater. It's so pigmented, I've never seen anything like it (maybe it's because my one was quite thick because of the crack?!)

I've seen quite a few comparisons of Golden Nightmare and China Glaze Wagon Trail and although the colour may be similar, at a glance Wagon Trail has micro-glitter whilst Golden Nightmare has extremely coarse glitter. 2 coats of regular top coat didn't smooth it out, maybe SV would... Oh well, I feel "badass" wearing coarse glitter anyway! Pin It

1 comment:

  1. Oooh ... I love the butterfly ring! I want one!

    'love the polish too! The sparkles look extremely gorgeous with the vampy green.


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