Saturday, 1 October 2011

Nfu Oh 64 - On the fence!!!

I was waiting for some sun to use this Nfu Oh holo because there wouldn't be much point taking pictures under a cloudy sky or an artificial light! For the past couple of days, we have had a heatwave in the UK so I jumped at the chance. It's quite weird it's been so hot, even the plants are confused! They were getting ready for autumn and now they are blooming again! Lol!

I don't think there are any bloggers out there who don't own or have tried the Nfu Oh holos, especially #61 which seems to be the most coveted and I know different people have had different experiences with these holos, but here is what I thought:

The good:
- The holo finish in direct sunlight is really impressive and beautiful
- My top coat didn't dull out the holo effect (CND Speedey)

The bad:
- Application was a bit patchy. I don't have the Aqua Base and wouldn't buy it just for these holos but found that using a base coat (CND Stickey) made it even worse so I used no base coat at all on my left hand
- Colour is very dull and disappointing in indoor lighting. Actually, one of the flattest polishes I've seen in a while
- Didn't get much wear out of it. Major tip wear and chipped on the 2nd day even with a top coat!

My bottom Line:
I absolutely love the concentrated linear effect and the colour but can't get past how dull it looks when there is no sun (which is most of the time in the UK), to the point where I actually get disappointed when I look at my nails. The crappy wear does it no favours either... BUT... did I mention I love the holo effect?! you can tell, I'm on the fence with this one! Pin It


  1. Well I don't own neither have I tried any of the Nfu Oh holo polishes. =) Most of holos are dull indoors. At least the ones I tried. This one looks wonderful on you, great photos too!

  2. We don't own this either, we must be terrible bloggers ;) It is beautiful though! It's a shame that it's so dull with a disappointing formula though :(

  3. I wonder what happens if you layer up another sparkle sheen on top of it? Agree that it's beautiful on the sun but gets a little dull inside, just spitballing here... :)

  4. Haven't got any Nfu-Ohs either 8) But I'd like to! Mostly because of the cute bottle if I'm gonna be totally honest ;)

  5. the holo is amazing! thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  6. @ Nirhida - Yes, I guess most holos are dull if there is no sun but I think I was expecting a little more of this one because everybody kept going on about how amazing it was. The price should also justify a better formula imo!

    @ Nail Nerd - I have another Nfu Oh so I'm going to try and layer something else on top of that one to see the results.

    @ Helga - I love the bottles too. That is one of the main reasons I bought these.

  7. Yes that is the problem with these holos. Don't wear a base coat and it only lasts a day! But the rainbows in the sun make it worth it for me!

  8. I have this one too and wasn't too happy about the application, tip wear, chipping. I didn't wear a basecoat either because nothing seemed compatible... Great color and linear holo effect though.

  9. where 's you bought? There is an online retailer who sends in Europe?
    It 'amazing!


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