Friday, 14 October 2011

Honey & Lemon Face Mask

A couple of weeks ago, in my continuous quest for clear skin, I posted about using lemon juice as a facial cleanser/ toner. It worked for me in terms of drying out some of my spots and diminishing some of the oil, especially on my T-zone. However, I had to take a break because it was drying out my skin TOO much.

Continuing with my home made natural skin care experiment, I tried the ever so popular Honey and Lemon face mask. Honey is antibacterial, hygroscopic and a source of antioxidants. You can read all about it's properties here. Paired with lemon juice, I thought these would be my 2 miracle ingredients.

source: google images

How to prepare/ use the mask:

- Simple. Just put a couple of spoons of honey enough to cover your face, in a bowl (I just use supermarket branded or Rowse) and add the juice of about 1/4 of a lemon. Mix well together.

- Apply all over the face with a spatula and leave for 10-15 minutes.

- Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Apply your regular moisturiser.


It's unbelievable how smooth your skin feels after this mask. Whilst I was using this mask (every other day for 2 weeks), I was at that happy point with my skin! I could pull off the tinted moisturiser only, sheer coverage, dewy look. When I stopped using it, a couple of days later, some little spots came back around my chin and you lose that smooth effect of course. So, if you want that clear and smooth skin, you have to keep using it frequently. I use it 2x a weeks now.

What are your experiences with natural face masks. Do you prefer them to packaged ones? Pin It


  1. Thank you for the home remedy tips, I'm a big fan of them(: Question- how messy was working with the honey? This sounds very interesting and I almost want to try it..

  2. Ah I have to try this one. I bet it smells nice too :)

  3. @ Ami - a bit messy. Just make sure the honey doesn't get too runny and it will stay on your face without dripping! Otherthan that it's not messy at all.

    @ Helga - it does smell really good. You'll want to eat it instead of putting it on your face, Lol! :)

  4. Great tip! Does sound a bit like what I put in my tea! Speaking of, I've used tea in my baths and on my eyes- not in that order!- and that can create a calm feeling.
    Must try this tip!

  5. Yep, I like to make natural masks myself, too. Most of the time I make a muddy mask of healing earth with water and tea-tree oil. But I'll have to try your honey-lemon-thing too.

    I have impure and oily skin and always thought I have to "dry out" my skin. But at the moment, I experiment with a strange sounding approach: fat against fat, so to say. That means, I use pure oil (coconut in my case) instead of light creams/fluids. I'm only at day 4 now, but it works really really well so far! I'm surprised, but my skin seems to drink the oil (remember, I do have oily skin) and doesn't produce any sebum at all! And my pores are much finer.
    (Sorry for all these exclamation marks, but I'm simply so surprised, I just didn't expect this to work this well. I can't say if the impurities decrease, but I just started.)
    Of course I'll have to see how this develops in a longer time. But seemingly this could be a possibility. Maybe you'll want to try it. And if not, that's okay, just wanted to inform you. ;)

  6. @ egokonsumkosmos - I have been taking that approach as well lately, treating oil with oil. If you can't beat them, join them sort of thing! I used to use products that would dry out my skin, now I have started to use a milder cleanser and a more moisture rich moisturiser. Doesn't the coconut oil make you brake out?


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