Sunday, 29 January 2012

Weekly Synopsis - Chapter 8

I haven't been up to much this week. I've also been working overtime (and will be until the end of February), so haven't been bothered to do much more.

We went to Bushy Park and Hampton Court Palace yesterday. In 1529, King Henry VIII established these as his deer-hunting ground. We went there to see the deer as well as do some fishing, horse ride, and plant some trees but an hour in and we were starting to get really cold. Instead we headed over the Hampton Court's world famous trapezoidal Maze.d Henry Wise for William III of Orange at Hampton Court Palace. Here courtiers


This week I've also finished reading "Are You There, Vodka? It's me, Chelsea". I watch her TV show sometimes, she is so quick witted and her self-deprecating humour is somewhat inappropriate but has me rolling on the floor! The stories in this book are quite unusual and wild, I'm not sure if they are entirely true but even if elaborated and exaggerated a bit, they are totally hilarious nevertheless. It makes for a light read!

I think the book has been turned into a TV sitcom so I'm definitely going to have to watch that!

 My favourite posts of the week:

* Rina shows us how to do a simple but really cute Valentines Day mani with little cluttered hearts.

* This black and gold Chanel  mani from Gems in a Bottle is so classy and clever. I would have never thought about leaving an unpainted strip of nail!

* Anutka from Wacky Laki does an amazing mani inspired by Angelina Jolie's dress for the Golden Globes

* If you haven't yet checked out Nail Nerd's blog, do so right now! She is so creative and has the most innovative manis I've seen! Her drawing/ artistic skills are amazing!

* I LOVE this feather playsuit British Fashion blogger Lily Melrose posted about yesterday! I want!

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  1. Whoa such a beautiful park!
    I've never seen a maze, just photos It must be incredible!


    1. This one is quite small. But yes, they are really good fun :)

  2. Second that -- a-MAZE-ing! Did you run through it like lunatics? And aw shucks thank you :)

    1. Sort of... when we couldn't find the middle straight away, we did run back and forth a little like lunatics.


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