Sunday, 8 January 2012

Weekly Synopsis - Chapter 5

This week I came back from holiday and back to work! I have no New Year's resolutions (or at least none that I would keep) so I feel pretty useless. I've clearly got a case of the January blues.

On the other hand, I'm chuffed about the New Look geek messenger bag a friend got me for Christmas. I've been wearing it everyday since then. I'm really into messenger bags at the moment:

I fell in love with these Alibi Ankle boots from Topshop when I was doing some pre-Christmas shopping with my mum, so the next day she went back and got them for me.

I love heels although I'm terrible at walking in them, but these boots are surprisingly easy to walk in as they are platform (and kind of remind me of the 60's) and go with everything in my wardrobe!


This week I've been delving into some of my favourite songs from a few years back. Running Up That Hill by Placebo was released in 2003. I couldn't get enough of it then and it brings back so many memories :-) I love this live version they did in Reading in 2006:


Posts I'm loving this week:

* Mariannan looks back at her outfits of 2011. I really can't pick my favourite. They are all amazing.

* Cristina from Opinionated Little Finger shows us how much of a beautiful holo green Nubar Reclaim is. I can't believe I've had it in my untrieds stash for over 3 months!!

* Only Sammy would come up with such a great idea of recreating guitar hero on her nails! Amazing!

* Jamie from The Fancy Teacup shows us how to rock the cutest ever polka dot outfit.

* Robin Moses turns a face into a puzzle with her nail art. Great idea and sense of humour :-)

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  1. I absolutely love that messenger bag!! :)

  2. I adore the chunky heel on those boots!

  3. Oh I loooove that song. <3

  4. i've been looking at those alibi boots on topshop and because of my skinny ankles i've been hesitant to purchase them! they look great on you, just wanted to kno your take on the chunkiness of the shoe :)

    1. I think it's a matter of taste. I have quite skinny ankles as well but I like how they suit me and. Then again I'm also a UK size 3, so probably the larger the size, the more chunky it will look?! Why don't you go down to Topshop and try them on first?

    2. thanks for the advice, it's because i live in australia and topshop has only been recently introduced! the only option i really have is looking at them online and imagining them on my feet haha! but thanks for letting me know what you think, great blog!

  5. where did u get the bag from


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