Sunday, 22 January 2012

Weekly Synopsis - Chapter 7

This week I wanted to share with you a well known beauty tip which I've lived by for the last 3 months! Olive Oil as an eye make-up remover! It's well documented that it does wonders for the skin and although I wouldn't actually put on my face as a whole (I have oily skin as it is), it does wonders as an eye make-up remover!

When I first started to do some research on it, I wasn't sure if it would actually remove make-up as well as regular removers but it's proven me wrong! It removes my waterproof eyeliner, so already it's a winner in my books!

I wear eye make-up everyday. Even if I'm not wearing eyeshadow, I will always wear eyeliner and mascara. Regular eye make-up removers were starting to take it's toll on the skin around my eyes, even the ones labelled for "sensitive skin". The fact that it's a very cheap solution is a plus and it can't hurt to have extreme moisture around your eye area!


I have read on a few review websites that for some people it causes eye irritation, actual burning sensation and rashes but I haven't yet experienced any of that.

I use standard supermarket Extra Virgin Olive oil. I put it into a little pump container and mix equal parts of olive oil and water. Even when I over saturate the cotton ball and a tiny amount leaks into my eye, I've had no stinging or burning. The most that happens to me is vision becomes a little blurry when I open my eye.


This week a dear reader asked me how I removed these glue-on nails.  I'm no expert on removing glue-on nails and there's no "special" way of removing them either. This is what works for me:

* Soak one hand at a time in a bowl of cheap supermarket acetone with conditioners. I don't use pure acetone as although this would lift the nails much quicker, soaking your hand in there for so long can damage your skin and natural nails.

* Once they have been in the bowl for 10-15 minutes, I slowly try to move them to see of they budge. A lot of them fall straight off, the ones that don't go back in the bowl.

* Some nails have more glue than others so they won't come off as easily, these need a little pressure to remove.

* Never rip or pull one off. This will bring a bit of your natural nail along with it and it will hurt like hell.

* When they are all off, I usually file my nails right down to give them a better chance of growing back healthy. I also buffer them a little to remove stubborn bits of glue and unevenness.

If you want more info/ a demonstration, have a look on You Tube. There are several videos on there that provide really good info on how to remove glue-ons.


Posts I'm been loving this week:

- Check out Spektor's tiger mani. Perfect gradient and stamping!

- Jane shows us how to create a grey cloud. Who would have thought grey clouds could be cute, right?

- If you want a sneak peak at Chine Glaze's ElectroPop Spring 2012 collection, head over to Scrangie for perfect swatches.

- Traci from The TraceFace Philes shows us the amazing ManGlaze Lesbihonest polish. Oh boy, I love those super matte polishes!

- Deborah from Love. Varnish, chocolate and more, shows us a cool and busy layering mani. All those pretties work really well together.

- Check out Robyn's Project 10 Pan. Project 10 Pan is where you’re banned from buying any more beauty products (apart from essentials) until you’ve used up 10 products. I think it's a really good idea as I'm always buying unnecessary products when I haven't even used up the old ones. It takes a toll on my wallet and you should see my messy Beauty cupboard!

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  1. Thanks for all these tips! <3

  2. I don't wear make up very often but a couple of years ago when I did I used baby oil as well to remove my eye make up :) It was hard to see afterwards but I usually did it in the evening so :P

    1. Didn't the baby oil sting? It's got certain chemicals that olive oil doesn't!

  3. Thank you so much for the tips on removing glue-ons!!! :)

    1. You're welcome demalic. I hope they were helpful :)


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