Thursday, 19 January 2012

Update & Conclusion on "A little experiment"

As some of you may know, I started my glue-on nails experiment on 12th January. It's now been 7 days and although the nail stickers have fallen off and I added a coat of Color Club Covered in Diamonds and a coat La Femme Purple Glitter to spruce them up a bit, they are still intact. 
No sign of budging, no lifting and the gap between the nail and the cuticle isn't that noticeable (other than on my pinky which is my fault as I didn't shape the nail properly in the first place).

So far they are living up to the reputation my friend has given them and I'm quite impressed with the durability even after a week! They are showing no signs of budging so I will be removing them in the next couple of days as I have so many new polishes which I want to try out!

My pros:
- Very cheap alternative to Salon nails if Acrylics are your thing
- Very durable for such cheap glue-ons. If they lasted a week on me, that is saying something as I don't use gloves for anything and am not careful with zips, buttons, etc
- Your nail art will look as good on your non-dominant hand if you prepare the nails before you put them on
- Good for people who have "bad" nails or who can't grow them at all but still like the look of long nails
- Literally chip-proof. Polish doesn't chip on plastic as it does on natural nails. They will start to fall off even before your polish starts to chip
- You can do other things whilst the nails are drying, without having to worry about smudging or denting

My cons:
-  I like to change my manis all the time so durability on these is more of a hindrance to me
-  Damage to the natural nail

Although I have more pros than cons, glue-on nails are not for me as I have quite strong natural nails which I can grow to my desired length. The only way I would wear them again would be if I didn't have a nail blog and stopped changing my manis 3 times a week (which isn't happening anytime soon). If like my friend, you are the type of person I mention in my "pros", then you would most certainly be very happy with these glue-ons. Pin It


  1. They look beautiful!
    But I wouldn't wear them for the same reason you just mentioned on your cons... changing manis all the time :D

    1. Thanks Bia. Yeah, that was a real bummer for me 'cos I got so many new ideas and polishes to try out and just couldn't use them!

    2. By the way, thank you for visiting my Blog and commenting =)

  2. When you do decide to remove them, perhaps you could do a detailed post on your method? I actually just put some glue-on nails on myself and am dreading removal time! Haha

    1. Hi Dameliac - I'm not an expert in any way on removing glue-on nails but what I do has worked for me in the past! So I'll post about it in my next weekly synopsis on Sunday :-)

  3. You are very lucky to have naturally strong nails. I can't say the same for mine.

    This is a great review. I've tried something like this but I couldn't make them last longer than 2 days without noticeable lifting or bulging.

  4. Hii !! :) i add you my blogroll :) i wish add me your blogroll.
    kisses baby i love you :)


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