Sunday, 15 January 2012

Weekly Synopsis - Chapter 6

I didn't get the chance to do much January sales shopping, my bank account took quite a hit over Christmas! But I did manage to get a few things that were reduced right down.

Here is a shirt I bought for work! We are allowed to dress casual at work but when there are client visits, we need to look that extra bit more formal. I thought this shirt was interesting because of the shoulder pads! This is from River Island and is was reduced to £11 from £28:

I also bought this long blue-stoned necklace. I don't wear necklaces in the winter as they will only get covered up by my chunky scarves but it's perfect to wear with lighter clothes in the summer. The Turquoise stone is also perfect as a summer colour. I bought this in the clothing section at Sainsbury's and it was reduced to £3 from £8.

Finally, I had to post this video!! It's been doing the rounds on FB this week and I thought it was totally awesome. Well done Jesse Rosten. A brilliant parody!!!

I love how they "advertise" the Photoshop tools: Liquify, Hue/Saturation and (Healing) Brush as if they are new and revolutionary creams/ cosmetics that will alter your looks, and how they pronounce really long words and scientific jargon really quickly so it sounds clever!!

Have a look at how Britney Spears, Faith Hill, Keira Knightley and Beyonce were altered for magazine covers. We already know photoshop is widely used in the beauty industry but it's still interesting to see the before and after:


Posts I've been loving this week:

* Ivana shows us her favourite manicures of 2011. They are all so awesome, I must try to re-create some of them.

* Chelsea @ The Nail Network shows us Girly Bits Street Magic, an amazing shifter polish.

*Jenni from Gold Speck nails reminds us how beautiful and delicate Models Own Utopia is!
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  1. Love the shirt, and the chain on the necklace.

    Thanks for mentioning me :D

  2. Is that you wearing the clothes? If it is, you girl, you don't need any photoshop at all !! :) I mean it!
    Love the shirt! and the necklace. and thanks for the video!

    1. Thanks Cristine, that is so sweet of you :-) Yes, that is me in the pics!


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