Saturday, 3 September 2011

Yellow Peril - Beauty UK Glam Nails

I only bought this bright yellow polish because I needed to do some nail art and all I had were pastels but it looked so vivid and pretty that I decided to do a full mani with it :)

Yellow Peril is a true bright yellow, what you would think of when the word "yellow" was mentioned; similar to a taxi sort of yellow! I was afraid application would be a nightmare but I was wrong. The formula was good, not streaky and it only needed 2 thick coats for opacity. I'm probably not going to wear this colour for the next few autumn/ winter months but will definitely be wearing it again come spring/ summer next year!

All in all I'm happy with this polish, not only because I found a good yellow which actually suits my skin tone (although I'm a little pale at the moment) but also because it only cost me £1.99!

My nails are getting a bit long again, grrrrr! Time to file them down a bit!

It's been quite warm here for the past couple of days. Most probably the last warm weekend of the year! This was the colour of the sky yesterday evening when the sun was setting. Absolutely stunning!

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  1. I'm not a fan of yellow, but this one does look pretty nice. Your application is flawless. Love it.

  2. Really nice colour but this is the most racist nail name I have come across ;P

  3. This looks great.....nobody would ever guess its a super cheap polish :) xo

  4. @ Anonymous - I know what you mean but I hope Beauty UK meant it as "yellow danger" or something like that, in the literal sense of the word "peril".

  5. such a bright and fun polish. Love that last photo of the sky. So beautiful!


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