Thursday, 1 September 2011

Nails Inc Magnetic Nail Polish Collection - Launches September

Magnetic polish isn't a new thing by any stretch. It's been done before but I haven't yet seen bigger companies (other than L'Oreal and now apparently with Revlon announcing a line as well) jumping to accommodate this trend like they did for crackle/ shatter polishes. Do you think OPI or Essie will ever launch a magnetic line?

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So I was quite surprised when I came across this post by British Beauty Blogger, Nails Inc are launching their own Magnetic polish collection in September (don't know exact launch date) and they will be available in 3 shades:

Big Ben - metallic gold
Trafalgar Square - metallic silver/chrome
Houses of Parliament - metallic blue

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Polishes will cost £12.00 which is only £1 more than regular Nails Inc polishes.

I searched the Internet for more information on this but couldn't find much apart from news that the collection will be launching in September and a bit of info on how magnetic polishes work -  Handbag, Fashion Monitor, Cosmetics and No info on the Nails Inc website either. Not sure why? Pin It


  1. Am so jealous!! I wish this brand would bring more to the USA! I'm sure if magnetics become popular, OPI and Essie will follow with their own

  2. I hope Sephora will sell them!

  3. Amazing! Let me know if you here more about release dates etc! :-)x

  4. Wow, I've never seen anything like these. They look really cool. I'd definitely give them a shot.

  5. Ooo thanks for sharing! these look amazing



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