Friday, 23 September 2011

Mini Haul & Some Pretties from Portugal

My mum has just come back from Portugal again (she goes there quite often, we have family there), and she brought me back a few pretties.

The colours she picked are quite bright and summery, maybe because it's still scorching hot over there, but I'm trying to embrace fall colours right now! Nonetheless, I really like what she picked and I'll be sure to use them, even before next summer :)

She brought back Andreia 5, 107 and 109. I've never used this brand, I'm not even sure if it's Portuguese or Brazilian but apparently it's meant to be really good. She also got me Risque Pop. This is a matte polish so I was really surprised she picked out a matte, I didn't think she knew the difference.

Here is a quick peek at what they look like! I'll swatch them properly later:

I've spent quite a bit on polish this month (I'll tell you about that later) so I was trying really hard not to give in but whilst on my lunch break yesterday, I went into Boots and Superdrug to get some toiletries and I just couldn't resist these:

They are a nice little addition to my autumn/ winter polishes and I'm getting ready for Xmas with that red glitter :) Pin It


  1. Hi :) loved your nice nails and polish you have!!!
    By the way...that brand Andreia is Portuguese (i'm portuguese) and it's really good, the only thing less good in some colours it's their drying time.

    I'm following you...visit me if you like :)

    (only one more nail polish!!!)

    (i'm sorry for my english...too many mistakes?!)

  2. Ola Anita - O teu Ingles e bom! Bem melhor do que o meu Portugues. Ja me adquiri ao teu blog :)

  3. Awesome polishes!


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