Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Hot Pink Chrome Leopard & A Snoozy Cat

I wasn't sure what to add to yesterday's Stargazer Chrome. When I'm in doubt of what to do or am lacking inspiration, I do leopard, Lol!

I used a Primark polish for the leopard spots. It's a hot pink with red undertones, the bottle has no name and a 001 number. It's my only Primark polish as I'm always afraid their polishes will lack pigmentation. I must admit this one is very good, I swatched it on my thumb and it was fully opaque in 2 coats!

The Stargazer chrome may look a bit too shiny in these pictures but that's because I added a coat of Barry M Silver to it as I showed you yesterday:

And here is a pic of Eggbert. When I got home yesterday, I found him snoozing in the bath tub! WTF?! My cats sleep in the weirdest places!

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  1. Lovely design!
    And lol your cat... and he's called Eggbert, that's amazing! :-D

  2. I did my nails like this the other day, I do like the chrome. Its good for stamping with too :) http://enigmatic-rambles.blogspot.com/2011/09/where-do-you-find-inspiration.html

    Your cat made me giggle, my cat won't go anywhere near the bath!

  3. How funny is that cat! My brother's cat won't drink from a cat dish- they have to turn on the faucet! Cats are siilly creatures!

  4. Cool, and supercute cat! Same color as one of mine

  5. Gorgeous!

    The chrome is a fab basecoat x

  6. Love chrome leopard print, first time I've ever seen it and looks so luxe! Your cat is adorable!! xx

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  7. Really cool manicure. I like reading u'r blog! ;)

  8. Love this design! I have a picture of my Himalayan kitty Aoife in almost the EXACT same position in my bathtub. Too cute! :P


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