Friday, 10 June 2011

Swatch: Orly Purple Pleather - from the Orly Plastix Satin Finish Collection

Hi everyone. Are you all ready for the weekend? Hopefully the rain won’t deter me from my plans! We are going down to the countryside to meet a friend. I always love going to the country because city life can get so hectic!
Today I wanted to show you another polish I got from my haul the other day – Orly Purple Pleather.
Orly Purple Pleather is one of 4 polishes from the Orly Plastix Satin Finish Collection and unlike regular mattes, they have a glossy “plastic” finish, hence the “satin” name, so I guess they can be called a satin-matte polish?!
Purple Pleather is a blue based purple and I’ve heard that its similar to Orly’s Charged Up but with a different finish of course.
The formula on this is thin but applies really well as its manageable and I had no problem with flooding. It’s highly pigmented so I only required 2 coats (no top coat of course).

I love the satin finish, it dries fast like a matte but the finish is is so much prettier. I couldn't stop staring at it!! I’m already contemplating in getting Viridian Vinyl J

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  1. I have this, I just don't understand why I haven't tried it yet!

  2. I love unique polishes like this!

  3. It's really pretty, I don't have any matte polishes only top coat which gives a completely different finish. Will have to find some British brands that do matte polishes :)

  4. Wow, this kind of finish looks gorgeous! (OMG your 1st picture!) I need that! added on my whish list!!!!


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