Saturday, 11 June 2011

Orly Purple Pleather + Colour Club Covered in Diamonds!!!

Hello fellow nail polish lovers J . Yesterday I showed you how amazingly pretty Orly Purple Pleather is! Ohh, I'm in love (again!)
Well this morning before I left the house for my weekend trip, I was scheduling my posts and I just couldn't resit adding something to this mani. I didn't have a lot of time so I just topped it with ColorClub Covered in Diamonds! I wanted to see what a satin-matte finish would look like with some glossy bling!!

Covered in Diamonds would look much better in direct sunlight but unfortunately, I didn't have any!

And then guess what??!! I wanted to see what Covered in Diamonds looked like matte, so I added a couple of coats of Claire's Matt Top Coat. IMO it doesn't look as pretty as the original satin finish of Orly Purple Pleather.

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  1. I keeping seeing this Color Club nail polish and I found it so beautiful!!


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