Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Pink Wednesday!!! - 2True Rose Pink Swatch & BM03

Happy Wednesday everyone!! For this week's Pink Wednesday I wanted to show you a very light rosy pink with hints of pearl shimmer - 2True Rose Pink.
2True is an affordable British cosmetics brand which have been around since 2006. Their website says that they have also expanded into Holland, Belgium and Ireland which means that all you EU girls can also get your hands on their polish :-).

This polish is really good for the price £1.99 per bottle or 3 for £4.99.
The brush is round with slightly thick bristles which aren't as manageable as I would like but having said that, I didn't really have a problem with controlling and laying down the polish. The formula is slightly on the sheer side so I used 3 coats (but that may be just because this is a rosy shimmery pink).

I then stamped with BM03 and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark as well as adding some french tips for good measure!!

Hope you like it :-)
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  1. How cute! I love this design and the pink is gorgeous!

  2. Oh I love the stamping on this! Such a pretty manicure.


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