Saturday, 25 June 2011

Miss Sporty - Pop Fiction

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday :-)

Today I just wanted to show you a great blue creme I got the other day during my trip to Boots - Miss Sporty Pop Fiction! I couldn't wait to try it so I removed yesterday's Mavala red mani!

I really like Miss Sporty because their polishes are generally good quality (I've never really had problems with their formula) and you can get 3 for £5. Other than only being 7ml bottles (booo!!), one thing I like about these polishes is the flat wide brush. It's so manageable and fans out even wider, covering more nail plate, yay! It's a little bit similar to the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri brush but doesn't pick up great big globs of polish!

The formula is highly pigmented (what I would expect of a creme) but I didn't expect it to be this creamy considering it's a low cost end brand.
I was searching on Wikipedia List of colors for a name for this blue because I'm really bad at giving names to colours other than what they actually are (I got this idea from Deniz but don't know how to colour drop as she does!) but the closest thing I could find was Brandeis Blue which means nothing to it's just a nice bright blue that I really like!! Lol!

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  1. ooh, LOVE that! I've never heard of that brand before.

  2. I love this colour too, and often wear it on my toes :)

  3. so i realized one of your commenters has the screen name i tried to get haha small world. my blog is now cuz I couldnt get Nail Newbie

  4. This is such a beautiful color. I'm not sure, I saw it in our drugstores. I'll have to check.


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