Sunday, 19 June 2011

More lovely goodies - Mavala, Hello Kitty, H&M, L.A Colors, GOSH

I know I said that I wouldn’t be hauling anymore polish anytime soon but oh well… I got the Mavala on sale and couldn’t help it!!! The hubby bought me the H&M, the L.A Colors and the Hello Kitty polishes – how darling is he?!

I have never tried the Swiss brand Mavala and have heard good things about it so I wanted to try them for myself.  The mini bottles look like such pretty dainty things!! 
I had told my husband in the past that I was trying to get my hands on some “strange” colours, i.e. not your regular reds and pinks and voila…how strange is this terracotta looking H&M polish. The colour is almost so ugly that it makes it beautiful!

Of course I’m not really in need of bright pinks and blues but he knows how much I love Hello Kitty. Yes... I’m 27 but I still have lots of Hello Kitty and Betty Boop stuff…LOL!

And the LA colors – he said he spotted these on his way to a meeting and they were so cheap (which isn’t usual for American brands in the UK) so he bought them. TBH, I can’t wait to try the silver shimmer one called Gunmetal! The GOSH Metallic Purple sneaking into the side there, I bought that in just looked so pretty in the bottle!

:-) xoxo
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  1. Isnt it awesome to have a hubby that actually not only understands our passion for nail polish but actually actively participates in our obsession? My boyfriend (manfriend?) does the same thing, whenever he's in the drug store he actually walks through the cosmetic department to see if there's anything there I'd like. And he always asks when he's in town if I need him to bring me any HTF polish from New England. :)

  2. wow!! awesome haul!! See..these are the pros of having a bf/ hubby...which I don't have(I mean a bf)!! :/ :P

  3. We are both lucky girls! My husband actually went into a beauty supply store by himself and called me to ask me if there was anything I wanted. haha and those Hello Kitty bottles are adorable...I have a little fetish for HK. :)

  4. Lucky you :-) I must keep an eye out for LA Colors being sold in the UK.
    PS I'm 25 and I still love all things Hello Kitty too ;-)

  5. Aww that's so sweet! Those LA Colors ones are sold at dollar stores here! But the ones I have work pretty well. And the GOSH one looks soo pretty!


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