Sunday, 5 June 2011

China Glaze - Towel Boy Toy Swatch

Towel Boy Toy is one of 6 in-your-face, check-me-out-I’ve-arrived neons from the Poolside Collection Summer 2010. Although I love to wear neon colours in the summer (especially when I have a bit of a tan), I’m not a fan of their lack of pigmentation (in most of the ones I’ve tried) or the application. Their true colour is also impossible to capture on camera, they are much more vivid IRL.

The only downside of this polish for me was the opacity. I applied 3 coats and you could still see some VNL if you held your hand up to the light. It works best if you apply a coat of white polish underneath. Like other matte polishes, this is fast drying so I applied 3 thin layers to sort of build up the polish evenly as this one is easy to over-apply.

The formula is average compared with other China Glaze polishes but having said that, in the realm of neons, it’s one of the only neons I’ve tried which doesn’t streak! It also dried matte so top coat is definitely needed if you want to go for a shiny finish.

The colour itself – there is a slight pearly shimmer to this bright sky blue which you can also see in the bottle. The whole collection reminds you of Caribbean island holiday resort and Towel Boy Toy is no exception.

In the sun and in the shade pictures:


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  1. What an eye-catching blue. I literally went "W-OOOOW!" when I saw the pictures. :)

  2. this color is beautiful, definitlely on my wishlist. Check out my designs on my blooog :)


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