Sunday, 13 January 2013

Midnight Masquerade - Pretty & Polished

Pretty & Polished Midnight Masquerade was one of the first indie polishes I ever purchased. Well, the one that really got my attention was Elvis Pink Cadillac but as I made my way to the checkout, I saw this blackened base packed with magenta and green glitters so I knew I had to buy it too!

Although this polish is opaque on its own in two coats, I still layered it over a coat of black creme. I like my polish very opaque. The formula was slightly thick but not too difficult to apply. It dries quite glossy and its not even that gritty at all, considering all the hex glitter packed into it!

I wish I could have got the glitters to show up a bit more on camera but I really couldn't work around the glare on this one. However, the last picture which was taken with my iPhone in natural daylight, shows the depth of the glitter better.

What do you guys think of this polish?

You can find Pretty & Polished products (polishes, cuticle balms and oils, etc) on Etsy. Pin It


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