Sunday, 4 December 2011

Obsessing over the Salvatore brothers makes for bad polish application!

Back in October, I posted about my only other Milani nail polish Metallic Mango.

The polish I am showing you today is a deep shimmery purple with tiny blue and red shimmer particles called Devoted 2 U. Indoors or in dim light, it just looks inky, almost black.

I bought both of these together as part of mini discount pack on Ebay! I read somewhere that Devoted 2 U is part of a spring limited edition collection but found no other info on it.

I had a bit of trouble applying this one but not sure why. The formula isn't bad at all. I think it was just me having a bad day! My nails looked terrible and stained and I needed to cover them with something but after spending most of the weekend in bed watching Vampire Diaries, I didn't have much in me to do my nails.

Speaking of Vampire Diaries. Yes, I know! It got to me to! After finishing all seasons of True Blood  a while ago, I was having vampire withdrawals. So much so that I even went all the way to the cinema and actually bought a ticket to watch Breaking Dawn. It was so disappointing but I won't go into that now, I would be here all night! Can't fault the books though, they really did make for a good read.

Vampire Diaries is no True Blood but at least it's not as "PG" as Twilight! It brings something else to the table! And who can resist Stefan and Damon Salvatore? Lucky Nina Dobrev!

source: google images

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