Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Glitter & Spark Overload!!!

Glitter is always a fail proof mani right? Wrong! Well, at least for me anyway! I messed up a glitter gradient mani :(
I really had high hopes for this one with a neutral base and lots of red and silver glitter to keep with the festive theme, but what you see in these pics wasn't exactly what I had in mind! It's like the glitter fairy threw up on my nails! I still had to post it though because it took me so long to do it AND remove it, that I would feel really guilty if I didn't.

I used Leighton Denny Sensual Glam as a base colour. I got this polish free with Harpers Bazaar magazine. The UK January edition is out now and they are giving away 6 different colours.
Sensual Glam is a sheer milky white with silver micro shimmer, which you can somewhat see in the bottle but it doesn't really translate onto the nail.
I'm not a fan of very sheer polishes so I had to do 3 coats to get a good level of opacity. However, I really like this colour. I used to wear pearly/ whitish polishes almost all the time a couple of years ago and now I rarely do.

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  1. I like the base color and the beads-very cool!

  2. This looks awesome. And I am not really big on neutrals but I am digging that base color.... It looks like the perfect base for some glitter!

  3. Another picture from a different angle would have been nice (I don't mean that with a snotty tone) since your mani might not have been what you imagined but is a nice mani! :D
    Was the silver polish Barry M as well?
    What if you reversed the silver and red? That might have been more appealing to you?

  4. @ Miz_Em - I did take pics in other angles but didn't post them. I was still not impressed with it!! Never mind, at least it taught me what not to do next time. Reversing the silver and red would have probably been a good idea!
    For the silver glitter I used Barry M Silver and I think I also dabbed a little of Essence Chuck :-)


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