Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hairspiration - The Soft Undercut

As most of you know, back in August, I cut my hair very short. Since then I have cut it twice more to keep it trim and styled. Short hair seems to grow must faster so I have to cut it every 6 weeks now.

It was this picture of Rihanna which ignited my love for short hair. I absolutely adored this haircut on her:
source: google images

However, I'm getting a bit tired of the way it looks now with the long fringe parting to one side. It was OK as a transition from long hair onto the short hair realm but I really need to change it up now!

I have been maniacally looking through google images to find some new "hairspiration" for my next haircut on 22nd Dec.
I was thinking of the "undercut" but don't really know how I would feel with one (or both) sides of my head shaved off. However, judging from these styles on Ginnifer Goodwin and Ruby Rose which I LOVE so much, a softer scissor styled undercut is definitely a contender in my books. Can't wait for 22nd Dec!

What do you think of these tousled haircuts?

source: google images

source: google images

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  1. I love short hair cuts but I have very curly hair and short cuts are not ideal for me

  2. I love Gennifer Goodwin's haircut and Michelle Williams as well! Go for it-it's just hair it will grow back!!!

  3. I always wanted to try a short haircut, but I'm afraid my round face will make me look cheekier (read fatter) than I really am :)
    LOVE the last one, not sure who the model is...

  4. I know exactly how you feel!
    Ive had a short cut since the summer of 08' & since then i've had it cut in many different ways... especially since i get bored easily. I personally love edgy hair styles, but like you, i didn't want to shave the sides of my head. So now I just keep my sides cut close. & to switch up the bang to the side look i do a pompadour :)

    I think you should make a slower transition, & give the 3rd look a try. If you want to cut more, go for Goodwin's look in the 2nd image. Hopefully either one will give you the change you're looking for :)

    Good luck!

    [P.S: hair magazines > google images for inspiration!]

  5. I like them both. I had a shaved section but I let it grow out. I really liked it tho and miss it sometimes.

  6. @Alessandra - You're right. Not sure how very short hair would work curly!

    @Fingers - That's exactly what I told myself when I cut it the 1st time. From half way down my back to a drastic boyish cut!

    @Evg Enko. - That's what I thought as well, but it actuall makes my face thinner (which isn't particularly a good thing). It depends what short cut you go for.

    @Deidra - Thanks :-) I do love Ginnifer's hair. It caught my attention straight away. I'll see what my hairdresser says, maybe I can go for a very close cut scissor look instead of having to shave!

    @Helga - How was it growing out the undercut? Did it look strage and unstyled? I find that to be a major problem when gorwing out short hair.


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