Thursday, 8 December 2011

Matte About Flakies

Today I have one of my most special flakies to show you. Nfu Oh 49! I also bought this one from Viis Ilusalong and as you may know, they went on a little trip to Greece before arriving in the UK two months later. My fault of course!

#49 is a very sheer pinkish jelly base which holds up all those awesome flakes. It really does look great over dark colours, the holographic flakies are so fiery and amazingly transition from red/orange to gold/green, with a hint of purple and even blue mixed in!
I also tried it over lighter pastel colours and orange but didn't really like the effect. It doesn't "pop" in the same way it does over darker colours.

I had to change my usual hand position slightly for the pics so I could capture the full effect of the flakes. Unsurprisingly, I didn't have any sun either but I think the full effect of the polish is still there.
I can see this one featuring in many NoTD's to come!

I then mattified it with Essie Matte About You. I prefer the matte version, you?

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  1. That's so pretty all matte-ified!

  2. this is gorgeous! mattified, it makes a less dramatic look. I've never tried it myself but yeah, I think I slightly prefer it mattified! but both are gorgeous!

  3. I agree- the matte version just shifts the whole look. I can't wait to get a flakie polish.. fingers crossed that when I do it doesn't take a trip around the world (;

  4. Matt top coat makes the whole manicure look amazing x

  5. So pretty!! Nice also with the matt top coat!!

  6. I love me some flakies!

  7. Oh I love mattified flakies over a dark polish base.


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