Monday, 21 November 2011

Glossybox - November

It's that time of the month again! Glossybox time!

I'm not jumping for joy with this month's box but I really like 3 of the products. I have to say, perfume samples irritate me but the Illamasqua Freak is £59.00 for 75ml so it's obvious we wouldn't get anything bigger than a sample.
I really wanted to get another nail polish but we got one last month, at least we got nail wraps this month! I'm also a tad disappointed that we didn't get any make-up products.

1 - Arbonne FC5 Cooling Foot Creme - Moisturising, non greasy foot creme hydrates rough, dry skin and soothes, cools and comforts tired feet. Although I own countless hand creams, I only have one foot cream so this pepper-minty (is that a word?) cream will come in handy.

2 - Dead Sea Spa Magik Gentle Facial Wash - This cleansing wash is a special blend of natural ingredients that gently cleanses the skin and fights bacteria for a deep, invigorating clean. I am always looking for ways to better my skin/ skincare routine but cannot invest money in expensive products that may not work with my skin. This is one of the reasons glossybox is really good, I get to test expensive products before actually buying full size.

3 - Illamasqua Freak Eau De Parfum - I don't like perfume samples (I can get these over the counter at Boots for free). I can't use them, I hate the little lid so they always end up going in the bin. At least this one has a little spray pump so it will be good to use for a couple of days. Judging from the description and the amazing and unusual bottle, this perfume seems to be really dark, mysterious and strong (like Opium mixed with a hint of Alien and Angel all rolled into one) but after smelling it, this "Freak" isn't that freaky! It's quite light and floral (for a winter perfume). I like it though as I'm into light fragrances.

4 - Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps - The new Nail Rock designer nail wrap range is designed to last up to 7 days on nails and 8 weeks on the toes. They won't chip or stain the nail, require no drying time and deliver on trend style in just 15 minutes. I will most definitely do a separate post on these. I love nail wraps for all the above mentioned reasons but have never tried the Nail Rock ones so I can't wait to test them and see of they actually do last 7 days. I would have prefered a different design as the one they sent me I can quite easily achieve with striping tape. Oh well!

5 - Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - Intensive, super-moisturising pre shampoo treatment for all hair types. Adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine. This is the only item I'm not sure about as I'm really particular about my hair because it's short, so other than regular shampoo and Shu Uemura Defining Flexible Cream to style, I don't use anything else on it. However, I'll try this out and see what the "elasticity" bit is all about. Pin It


  1. Hi! I really like your blog, and i read in this post that you don't like perfume samples, they go to the lid usually.... I'm a huge perfume lover and collector,but here in Hungary we can't get any perfume sample for free or for money. It would be amazing to sniff all the new perfumes but I can't:( So I have to ask that if I send you some money, would you send me some perfume samples? Please write me back asap. Thank you so much!!! Luv your blog<3

  2. Thanks babe! I've used the Illamasqua one and threw the other 2 away. Sorry :( You can't get perfume samples in Hungary? How do the drug stores there expect you to buy without sampling?! I don't usually get them unless when I actually go shopping for a perfume but I'll keep you in mind next time I go :)

  3. Thank wou for writing me back!:) The drug stores don't give any free product for the costumers, only the Douglas sometimes, when you bought a full bottle. In this way, we have to smell each in the store but it's horrible to sniff 10-15 perfumes in one hour! It would be amazing if you could help me! Just write me how to send the money for you.Here is my email: Thank you so much, luv ya! <3 :)


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