Thursday, 16 February 2012

Mavala Liberty

A few years back I would be all over a colour like this. I used to absolutely love flesh toned polishes, especially if I wanted a quick, hassle-free and pretty mani. Today, after I finished putting it on, I just thought it was so *meh*!

Liberty is a creamy nude peach, or can sometimes hint to beige tones depending on the light, but it goes on much lighter and sheer on the nail. It looks almost like I've got nothing on. There is a lot of vnl although I applied 3 coats. I usually like to look at my nails and Wham!!!... a lot of colour and a party going on!

I love nudes (a lot) but this is just a little too nude for me, if that makes sense! I probably wouldn't wear this on it's own again but I would use it as a base colour for nail art, even glitter sandwiches and I also think it makes a great polish for French Manicures.

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  1. I love Mavala :) very nice color ;)
    kisses :)

  2. I love nudes, but I tend to get a little "meh" too when the tone of the nude gets too close to my skin tone... hahaha! I like them a little lighter or darker so that my nails don't disappear!
    I think that effect happened there with your nails. They are almost disappearing because the polish get too close to your skin tone!
    But still, I admire your talent to get your manis so perfect, I still can't say I don't like the final result! :D

  3. I like this shade, it's very flattering. I know what you mean about nudes being "meh" sometimes. I don't where them often and when I do they don't stay on very long because I tend to get bored with them quickly. haha


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