Thursday, 7 July 2011

I've created a Green Gooey Crackling Monster (with a little sparkle)...

...yes I did !!! What was I thinking?! When I finished this mani, I couldn't help but laugh.
I used a really nice shimmery neon green by La Femme as a base colour and was planning to do a tape mani. However, this polish bubbled so much (I'm still not quite sure why) that I decided to do a glitter and crackle sandwich instead.

The end result is something out of Men in Black that went splat! Lol! I won't even tell you how many layers there are in this sandwich *hangs head*!
I'm happy I played around with crackle polish though, which I don't do very often at all.

Here is 3 coats of La Femme neon green (bottle is nameless):

And then...

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  1. I like this green a looks really pretty on you!

  2. I'm not crazy about this colour but I really like how it looks on you, lol! And adding the crackle only made it prettier :D


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