Saturday, 16 July 2011

China Glaze - First Mate from Anchors Away Collection

I got the China Glaze First Mate from the Anchors Away Collection a couple of months ago but hadn't yet tried it. If it wasn't summer, I would have swatched it as soon as the post arrived! It is such a luxurious and rich navy creme, one of those colours that I would gladly wear all winter (and autumn and spring!!). This is an amazing navy blue and not dull at all as is the case with many navy blues.

The formula on this was slightly on the thicker side and it's so pigmented that you may get away with 1 coat. However I did apply a 2nd coat to correct some application issues I had whilst applying the 1st coat (due to the thickness).

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  1. I love this polish!!!

  2. I love this one as well. It was the most perfect 4th of July navy blue!

  3. This is one of my favorite blues! Love this polish! And it looks great on you too. :)

  4. Such a rich and gorgeous color on you!


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