Monday, 11 July 2011

Ciate Paint Pots - Mojito & Cupcake Queen Tape Manis

Hi Everyone :-) Last week I was contacted by the lovely Rachel from Budoir PR asking me if I would like to try some products from one of their clients - Ciate. Of course I said yesssss!!! As soon as the goodies arrived in the post, I swatched them straight away. She sent me Ciate's Mojito and Cupcake Queen.

What stands out the most for me with Ciate polishes is the packaging. The flat rectangular shaped bottles which are slightly curved, the long thin cap and an adorable little bow on the front of the bottle all make it look elegant yet very girly. Even the Ciate logo, although playful looks vintage.

Both these polishes had different formulas, Mojito was thinner and needed 3 coats for opacity whereas Cupcake Queen was on the thicker side but very easy and smooth to apply and opaque in 1 coat. Drying time is quite fast on both polishes, even after 3 very generous coats of mojito.

Mojito is a really bright lime green which I thought I would love since I'm really into my greens but this one didn't live up to my "green" expectations! It looked absolutely lovely in the bottle but didn't pop on my nails. I wish I could have achieved the bottle colour!

Cupcake Queen is a hot pink packed with blue micro shimmer which is easily visible in the bottle but nearly impossible to detect on the nails unless under strong sunlight. Like I mentioned before, the formula on this one was perfect.

I couldn't help but add a little something extra to my nails so I did a quick tape mani on each colour. I got some of those kids play scissors in the post the other day so decided to use each pattern on these.


Cupcake Queen:

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  1. Gorgeous colours and I love the black details you added.

    L x

  2. Pretty colours and I love the tape art you did :)

    Can you tell me where you got your scissors from?


  3. I love these polish names!

  4. I love the black tips on the pink polish!

  5. @Forever the ugly duckling - I got these scissors from Amazon. They have them in all sorts of cutting shapes :-)

  6. i love the colors! at first glance, i thought they were going to turn out not so nice, but boy was i wrong...

  7. These are amazing!~ You're so neat with your application... kudos!

  8. Beautiful shades & I really love the design. Simple, yet still fun.

  9. omg so awesome!!!!! love tape manis!

    love your blog <3 I'm your newest follower!

    xo Jackie

  10. Mojito is seriously gorgeous, and I love the tape manis!

  11. I really love both colours! Another brand that isn't around here in Canada though..arrgghh... What if you painted your nails white first, then added mojito? That might make the colour show up better? Just an idea...

  12. Mojito is uncredible & fresh !


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