Monday, 4 July 2011

Beaded French Tips

Ok, so I have to admit... I don't always have the best ideas for manis. Other times, the ideas are actually good but when I translate them onto the nail, it all goes splat!!
That's exactly what happened with this mani. I wanted to use some bullion beads for diagonal french tips but oh boy!!! Were they hard to stick down in a straight line!!

Sinful Colors Dream On, which I used for the base colour, is an electric purple with hot pink undertones which dries matte because it's a neon and that was how I intended to keep it to contrast with the glossy OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender tips!!!...But oh no... I had to add 2 coats of top coat to keep the beads in place (whose colour also smudged!):

Here is 3 coats of Dream On while it was still satin matte. BTW, I have used Dream On on my nails before and once on my cousin's nails. On both occasions, if left matte with no top coat, it chips within 24 hours :-(

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  1. That is awesome! By the way, I am your new follower.

  2. This looks lovely! I hope those tiny beads didn't give you a hard time. :)

  3. Rins - was a major PITA to get them all stuck down and in as a straight line as possible!


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