Saturday, 29 September 2012

Two Tone Purple Chevrons

I really fell in love with this two-tone chevron design when I saw one of my favourite Instagramers, Rachell, doing it in blue and pink! When I'm not doing nail art on all 10 nails, I'm a one-colour-with-ring-finger-accent kind of person, so it's novelty to wear two accent nails and alternative colours on all other nails! I love it.

I used scotch tape for the not so neat chevrons. I had a little trouble with the scotch tape this time, it kept pulling off my base polish so in the end I just gave up and my chevrons ended up being different sizes. Ugghh!! A not so good nail day overall!

The polishes I used to create this look were Kiko 332 and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, one of my favourite winter polishes. The glitter base on the accent nails is Accessorize Crystal Shimmer.  

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  1. What is your nail prep?! Buff? Base/top coat? How do you keep your cuticles so nice?! Love your nails!

    1. Thanks. I use CND Sticky or OPI Nail Envy as a base coat and CND Speedy as a top coat! I only buff my nails once every couple of week as I don't want to thin them down too much! I never cut my cuticle, I just push them back with an orange woodstick whilst they are soft and moisturise them with Lush Lemony flutter.

  2. so pretty, your nails always look perfect

  3. I love this look and think you did a really great job. It's fun to wear a different style of accent nail xx


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