Monday, 3 September 2012

My Fall Polishes: Peripera - Prism Navy

I've been swatching untrieds like a mad woman this past weekend as I don't have a lot of time to paint my nails during the week. Also as an attempt to lower my stash of untrieds which now outnumbers my actual stash! I've also started putting together a little "Fall" stash. I get really excited when seasons change!

Here is a polish I've had for quite some time - Peripera Prism Navy P019.
It's a Korean cosmetics brand and I bought it on Ebay for £5.82. They have really pretty duochromes and metallics and this particular colour caught my eye. To be honest, I really loved the cute shape of the bottle!

It's supposed to be a navy/ teal duochrome polish but it doesn't quite translate onto the nail. However, it has an amazing foil finish packed with shimmer which is very dense and opaque and doesn't streak at all. I can see myself wearing this a few times throughout Autumn/ Winter and it will make an awesome stamping polish too!

And how cute is this bottle :)

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  1. Gorgeous colour and that's definitely an unusual bottle...!

  2. wow, it is a masterpiece, both the bottle and the shade too

  3. Amazing colour! Ever since I fist saw a Peripera polish I've been in love with that bottle!

  4. ahhh, love these teal/blue shimmers <333 and how cute is that kitty on the bottle!

  5. Amazing teal is really in for fall

  6. Teal always catches my eye and this one's particularly gorgeous. The bottle's so cute I'd probably buy it just for that!

  7. Beautiful shade for summer transitioning to fall!



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