Sunday, 16 September 2012

Erre Due - The Blues and The Brights

I've been busy swatching this weekend. I ended up swatching six polishes which is a lot for me as I can just about manage 3 a week. Lol!

The four polishes I'm about to show you are the last Erre Due polishes I have. I showed you some of the brands' pastels and neons as well as one of their Blue Jeans polishes and today I have two more brights from their summer collection, and two beautiful blues including another Blue Jeans.

First up is No182. I love these sort medium blues, it's a definite fall must have for me as I tend to wear blues all year round. This is 2 coats and the formula was amazingly smooth.

Blue Jeans Used No72. Part of the Blue Jeans duo. You can see the darker blue here. This light powder blue is packed with silver micro-shimmer and dries matte. The formula is very pigmented and creamy, you can get away with using one coat.

Erre Due Pink (these are mini 6ml bottles that have no name or number). This one is a raspberry pink creme which I loved the look of in the bottle but it gives me lobster hands :(. It's a pretty pink but it really doesn't do my skin tone any favours. The formula was good, opaque in 2 coats.

Erre Due green. A pretty medium green which unlike all other Erre Due's I've tried, this one is some sort of jelly/creme hybrid. It applied like a creme but has a jelly finish. I only used 2 coats in this swatch but 3 would be needed to completely cover vnl.

Overall, I was really impressed with the formulas and brushes on all these Erre Due polishes. It seems that relatively unknown brands don't tend to disappoint me as much as the most popular brands sometimes do. Maybe it's due to the fact that I expect quite a lot from a polish I've just dished out £11 on.

You can check out Erre Due's website here and their Facebook page here.

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