Friday, 24 August 2012

Essence Snow White - Sneezy & The Huntsman

I've been seeing fall colours everywhere recently and whilst going through my untrieds to sort by colour, I came across these two polishes recently sent to me by a friend on Instagram.

Essence Sneezy and The Huntsman, both from the Snow White LE collection. Sneezy is a medium chocolate brown packed with silver micro glitter. I don't own very many browns so this is a nice addition to my stash!
The Huntsman is a gold glitter topper with extra pieces of gold hex glitter and some shredded glitter too. I really like shredded glitter but the pieces in this polish just seem strange and out of place to me. I love it nevertheless! I'm sure it would look really good over nude or a black base too.

Can't wait to try some of the other Snow White polishes!

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  1. Linda that color too!

  2. this looks absolutely amazing! wish I could get my hands on those polishes in the US!

  3. Sneezy is such a yummy chocolate color! <3

  4. Unfortunately I didn't get any of the Snow White collection, but I love Essence polishes!
    Have a great weekend!


  5. Love Sneeze shown here - we don't have Essence sold anywhere around me - sad face - not sure how they pulled off get this to look warm and still having silver in it - makes me really love, love this one...usually shades in this hue are very cool and look horrible on me. Not so much a fan of the glitter on the accent nail - but that's me - I am tired of glitters - put them on and want the off in 1 day which is a pain when we all know glitters are so hard to get off. When I do wear glitter it's just on the tips or a super fine (tiny) one and best if it's not opaque - I want to see my base polish and not all glitter. Call me out of the norm on that one I know!


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