Saturday, 18 August 2012

Erre Due - Neons & Pastel

Today I will be sharing with you three polishes by a brand called Erre Due. I first came across Erre Due whilst holidaying in Greece last Christmas and grabbed a bottle of their Blue Jeans Blue Black polish which is very similar to Barry M Denim. Since this brand isn't available in the UK, I haven't come across it since then, until I was contacted by their Events Manager to review some of their new polishes.

Now onto some of the swatches. First up is No184 (unfortunately no polish names). This is a neon orange which I had to photograph in the shade to capture the true colour. The formula is quite opaque and creamy for a neon. It covers well in 2 coats and I had no problem with brush marks on this one. What more could I ask of a neon?

This is 3 coats of No186, a get-your-sunglasses-out neon green! The formula on this one was totally different from the other neon. It was extremely streaky, didn't even itself out and I gave up after 3 coats. It's one of those I'll definitely be layering over white.

This is 2 coats of No94. I believe this one is from their fast drying range, thus the "1" on the bottle! The formula was good for a pastel. It's smooth, not chalky at all and opaque in two coats. I'm not sure about the drying time as I had been swatching neons up until then so this one obviously seemed to dry much slower than the neons.

They were very sweet and sent me the loveliest box wrapped in a white leather string bow. They even threw in a leaflet of their latest nail trends: Ombre, Gradient, Newspaper Nails and Water Marble.

About the company:

Erre Due are part of Aromca Cosmetics and were one of the brands first launched under the group is 1984. I'm not sure if the Erre Due products are available in other European countries as I've never seen their products anywhere other than Greece. They have an extensive range of make up and nail polish, you can check out their colour charts here. They seem to have updated their collections and even changed the design of their bottles slightly but their website still has pictures of their old bottles. Their Facebook page seems to be much more up to date and features their latest products.

*These products were sent to me for review by the company. Pin It


  1. wow those are pretty shades

  2. Wow, those neons are stunning!

  3. They are gorgeous shades you can also get the range in Cyprus I bought a few colours a while ago must dig them out again x

  4. They are all so beautiful! I particularly like that blue pastel one! It looks like one I have here, but it seems to be of much better and more consistent formula!!

  5. I'm with Bia Perez - just love that aqua blue pastel.

  6. I think I need to go on a nail polish trek around the world!

  7. LOVE the orange and green. Too bad i won´t be able to get my hands on these, they are lovely ;)

  8. I am a professional and I use Erre Due in my nails studio (Paros, Cyclades, Greece) One of my favourite polishes, just great, quick drying, long lasting, perfect shades. Love them!!!! (


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