Thursday, 24 May 2012

Surfin' For Boys - China Glaze Summer Neons 2012

I received two polishes from China Glaze's Neons Collection 2012 in the post a couple of days ago - Surfin' For Boys and Love's a Beach. We've had such great weather for a last few days that I couldn't wait to try these out.

As soon as I slapped this on, it was like "Whoa!!!". In the bottle, Surfin' For Boys looks like a coral with hints of red and orange, with ultra fine magenta shimmer. On my nails however, it's the brightest most neon orange I have ever seen! This is probably because I'm wearing "undies" as I don't like to wear neons on their own.

Let me tell you! It was a PITA trying to photograph this polish! All pictures showed a different colour and none of them true to real life colour. The closest to real life colour is the first picture which I had to change the setting of my camera for and darken the whole image to be able to capture! I think neons look better in the dark anyway, that's why they always look awesome with a tan!

I don't have anything else this bright, looking at it too long even hurts my eyes and I'm sure people will be able to see 10 little dots coming a mile away! This baby is going on my toes tonight for sure :)

If I tried to take a pic under my usual craft lamp, my camera would completely spaz out:

Here is a pic in the shade:

And in direct sunlight:

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  1. What a brilliant colour for the current heatwave we are having! Reminds me of holidays, I love having a colour similar to that when I go away :)

  2. it's SO bold! it's super pretty!

  3. Wowww how amazing! *-*
    I have a brazilian polish that looks a lot like that one!

  4. Hollllly molllly ! That looks awesomely bright, you've convinced me I need it ! I love the first picture ! : )

  5. Wow this is soo bright but I love it :)

  6. Awesome! I can't wait for this collection to be released.

  7. Wow I think I need this :)

  8. Looks like an amazing shade!!

  9. I got this one, too and I love! Actually I am in love with the whole collection but this is one of my favorites. It's so bright, it freaks out my camera ;)

  10. Super photos you caught of this one as neons are hard to capture. I cannot wait until these are released. My area gets things in slowly after release date and never many bottles - also they won't take your name and hold or call you when they come in. Assume you got the 2 you have from this collection via PR?

    1. I didnt get these via PR, i bought them online. We get things pretty slowly here too. But for some reason this shop always gets collections as soon as they are released or even before

  11. Wow so bright and pretty! X :-)


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