Saturday, 5 May 2012

Enchanted Forest Glitter Sandwich

I hope everyone is having a great Bank Holiday weekend! This afternoon I have a bright green glitter and jelly sandwich to show you which I did a couple of weeks ago when my nails were still short!

I used Risque Verde Esmeralda, a vibrant green jelly from Brazil as my jelly base! Risque polishes don't get as much attention as Speciallita ones, at least not over here, but they have some amazing collections and colours.
Sandwiched between this jelly goodness is one coat of NYX Enchanted Forest - large, medium and small pieces of hex holo gold and green glitter.

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  1. What a gorgeous glitter sandwich!!!

  2. I think your skin tone goes great with greens *-*
    looks so vivid!!

  3. This is gorgeous. Love the color.

  4. Such a pretty glitter sandwich!

  5. OMG i love this!! now i need that Risque

  6. That looks great together! I was just thinking about picking up that NYX polish next time I make a Cherry Culture order!

  7. Wow that's amazing!!! Very cute!
    So, I Brazilian and here the Risqué polishes are very cheap! They are very very famous here in Brazil.

    I can say here we have four great polishes nail, they're Risqué, Hits, Colorama and Impala. We have many others, but these are the more famous!

    Sorry about my poor English :(

  8. This is stunning combo, love it Vanessa!

  9. How cool! I've just discovered your blog tonight and I'm loving it. Even more now I've seen this post, since I'm a Brazilian living in the UK. Actually just brought some Risqué back from my last visit home in March... :-) x


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