Thursday, 23 May 2013

Cuccio Colour - I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Last year at the Olympia Beauty Show, I came across a stand of Cuccio products. I had never heard of the brand before that, as we don't see a lot of their polishes floating around the blogosphere. I've done some research into it and other than a few bottles for sale on Amazon, it seems to be sold for trade only. That's such a shame because I absolutely adored the formula and they have the most gorgeous range of shades and cool names to match.

Cuccio describe their polish as:
"Cuccio Colour™ Professional Nail Lacquer is formulated with Triple Pigmentation Technology for rich coverage in one coat and true coverage in two coats. For the Love of Colour™. Contains no DBP or toluene."

I'm not sure what "Triple Pigmentation Technology" is but I'm happy about the fact that it contains no DBP or Toluene.

I fell in love with this pale pink milky shade called "I Left My Heart In San Francisco". It's appropriate for every occasion and such a great palatte cleanser. Another reason I'm really happy with this polish is durability. It was like wearing gel polish. It stayed put for literally 11 days, no chipping. There was already substantial nail growth and the polish was still intact. I was very impressed. I'm glad I picked up four different shades to try. On my ring finger I have OPI Crown Me Already.

If anyone knows where I can buy this brand, please do let me know.

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  1. This look is just so beautiful...your hands look amazing btw ;)

  2. It can't get more classy than that! Love it :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, I agree! It's such an elegant combo!

  3. Trans Design or Nailsupplies both sell Cuccio.

  4. Thanks! It's just that unfortunately I can't order polish into UK from abroad because of shipping laws!

  5. This is beautiful and I can't believe the wear time, that is incredible! xx

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  6. TransDesign here in the U.S. sells Cuccio, their website states that they ship international.

  7. Love the soft shade! So pretty <3

  8. This is so soft and pretty!! Love it!

  9. eBay! I just ordered the color you had because it looked so pretty, I hope to wear it to my trip to japan.

  10. Cuccio are now available from


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