Sunday, 11 December 2011

Weekly Synopsis - Chapter 1

I've finally decided to do a weekly sum/ round-up post. Although many other bloggers do them, I've never really felt the need to write these as I would usually document all my week's "happenings" throughout my nail polish/ nail art posts, as and when. However, I've realised a weekly round-up would be a better place to document everything I'm obsessing over throughout the week, from make-up to clothes, to jewellery, TV series, to music, books and well...just everything really. Don't be surprised by anything your read in my weekly "Chapters".

I'll also be posting links to other blogs/ posts which I've been loving throughout the week of course :-)


Up until this past week, we've had a mild autumn/ winter in the UK. However, in the past few days the weather has turned and we were hit with some low temperatures. Well, at least for me... I can't deal with cold very well. Here are the winter "cozies" I've been loving this week:

Thick wool lined snowflake socks which I got in Primark for £3 and Spiced Apple & Alpine Glistening Snow winter candles:

Another winter essential I've been obsessing over this week - my Earmuffs. A lot of people think these are very child-like but I can't leave the house without them in the morning. None of the above matter if you don't have a proper brew waiting for you. I can't live without my trusty Yorkshire Tea, extra strong, very milky. However, this week I've also been loving Earl Grey Jasmine infused.

Even Eggbert and Lebowski have been cosying up on the sofa to keep warm :-)

If you live in the UK, you would have probably seen the following youtube video on the news. The crew of the Royal Navy assault ship HMS Ocean did an amazing job miming to Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas, after finding out they would return home after 7 months at sea. She was really delighted and even tweeted about it.


Posts I've been loving this week:

- Check out Kayla Shevonne's snowflake tutorial

- Lily Melrose shows us how to wear an amazing Missguided lace dress

- Another amazing Xmas mani from Sammy. I love how she drew the body of the snowman on the thumb and the head of the ring finger!

- I thought this pink Merry Xmas mani Cristina did for Pink Weds was really cool. Pin It


  1. I love my earmuffs as well. There is little I dislike more than cold ears... I love your cats! they are so cute!!

  2. I really like the way you did this post! Really refreshing! :)
    I'm actually about to boil some water for tea right now. I just got inside and I can't feel my face lol.

  3. I need earmuffs, ASAP! Love your kitties, btw.

  4. I should get some earmuffs for when I wanna wear my hair up :) Nice post!


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