Friday, 9 December 2011

Stargazer #303 - It's a 7 but I wanted it to be a 10!

This blue looked an absolute duo chrome goodness in the bottle. You can probably see the flash of multiple colours in the bottle pics below, however, I'm afraid that multitude of colour doesn't transfer to the nail, it would be awesome if it did!

Stargazer #303 is a vibrant electric blue filled with purple and pink specks. It reminds me a little bit of Orly Cosmic FX Lunar Eclipse. It needs 3 coats for full opacity. I only applied 2 coats so there is some vnl (which isn't really visible irl). The finish is slightly "foil" like.

Overall, I still think it's a good polish. I love the colour and the formula is really good to work with. I got a lot of comments on the colour from "non-polish-lovers" or (non-believers as I like to call them) which is a sort of benchmark for me. It's a 7 but when I first saw the bottle, I really I wanted it to be a 10!

It retails for £2.50 and I bought it directly from the Stargazer website.

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  1. ooh Ive never heard of stargazer before. this is a very pretty color!

  2. It's still a very pretty blue. I like it.

  3. Still very pretty! Good old stargazer!


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