Thursday 26 July 2012

Going Bananas Leopard

Seems like forever since I last posted. I've been on a much needed holiday and my nails have grown quite a bit since the last time I posted. I'm going to try and keep them like this for a while, either until I scratch myself or they start getting in the way! Lol!

A very simple mani today. Leopard accent stamped with BM221and some loose glitter placement on the other nails.
The base colour is Going Bananas by H&M, which has been sitting in my untrieds stash for over a year. It's a soft, light, almost pastel yellow with green  and pink shimmer which was impossible to capture on camera. It reminds me of Chanel Mimosa!

H&M polishes are good, I don't own many but have never come across a really bad formula. The one thing I hate is the shape of the lid! The plastic square bit isn't detachable like Butter London, which makes for really awkward application.

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  1. I love this nails. And its perfect summer shade!<3

  2. this is very pretty, love that shade and the accent nail is great

  3. wow beautiful mani, love it

  4. simple but effective ! and this yellow is good! I missed ur posts :)

  5. Looks absolutely gorgeous! X

  6. Amazing nail art, Vanessa! :D
    I'm really into yellow now... especially pastel ones like that!

  7. These look great. I love this yellow too. I also hate awkward lids like this!


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