Saturday 7 April 2012

Nfu Oh 62

The weather here is horrible today! Cloudy and dull as anything, the sun came out for literally a matter of minutes! So I need a holo to liven up my mood a little! It's a nightmare trying to swatch holos here because the sun disappears just as quickly as it appears and it's always hit and miss! :(

This is Nfu Oh 62. The neutral beige/ pinkish one of the Nfu Oh holo bunch. Nfu 64 is still my favourite because the pinkish/ purple tone is much brighter and more prominent but 62 is a very special polish in my stash! I still want to get my hands on the other holos from this collection but haven't yet been able to find them at "reasonable" prices.

I have to admit, application was tricky and in fact unpleasant! It could have been because I was trying to rush so I could capture pictures of it in the sun but also because I was applying it without Aqua Base coat. That usually makes no difference whatsoever with my other holos which apply like butter but this formula caused me some patchiness problems on a couple of the nails. I guess it was worth it because I love this linear holo effect.

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  1. I just love Nfu Ohs... I'm gonna order one for myself sometime *-*
    It looks very beautiful on your nails :D

  2. So beautiful ! I love it !:D

  3. Ooh, rainbow! I haven't tried those Nfu-oh holos, but I so need to!

  4. Wow cooool. It looks like you have mini rainbows on your nails

  5. The wheater is here the same, but your nails give me the happy spring feeling. Almost forgot it's spring.

  6. I love this! I haven't seen a holo like this before but it's beautiful

  7. You got a really good photo of a super hard one to capture on film. Great job - I feel very lucky that I have the entire collection of 61-66 plus 2 bottles of the Aqua Base and got them before all this craziness of them not being available with huge eBay and 2nd market prices.

    1. You lucky girl!!! I had to get mine from Bulgaria (I think!) and delivered to my mother-in-law's address in Greece because they wouldn't deliver to the UK :(


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